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12 Mar di Lavisana

Because she are thus quick, the new strike fell to your top from their skull

Because she are thus quick, the new strike fell to your top from their skull

The woman narrow, white, grey-streaked tresses, as usual heavily smeared having grease, are plaited from inside the an effective rat's-tail and you will tied up by the a reduced horn brush hence portruded on nape off her shoulder

Raskonikov features efficiently visited their interest, 15 Srednaya Podyacheskaya (including 104 to your Griboedov Tunnel Embankment, gated entry with the both sides), discussed through the his reconnaissance head to because the a large strengthening which to your one to front featured on to the tunnel, as well as on one other toward street. The structure contains cramped flats and are inhabited by most of the kinds of operating visitors - tailors, locksmiths, chefs, various Germans, females generating an income however they you certainly will, petty clerks, etc.

Simply toward 3rd band do the elderly girl unlatch the fresh home and invite Raskolnikov into the their short, spotlessly clean apartment

Once more, the new tunnel-such as for instance arc causing brand new atmospherically dilapidated courtyard try prohibited by the a material door, therefore we would need to waiting outside as the Raskolnikov slides towards the the door on the right of your portal, ascends the fresh new ebony, narrow steps to the fourth flooring and you may rings brand new bell so you can new pawnbroker's flat.