Contraceptive explore and its own determinants regarding 2016 EDHS investigation

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Contraceptive explore and its own determinants regarding 2016 EDHS investigation

Contraceptive explore and its own determinants regarding 2016 EDHS investigation

Brand new trend regarding mixture of already utilized progressive procedures expressed encouraging improvement. New express of your enough time-acting reversible birth prevention methods such as for instance Norplant/implants certainly one of sexually productive teenage females meaningfully increased by the over six payment ranging from 2000 so you’re able to 2016. Intrauterine unit (IUD) use failed to boost than the implants. Utilization of Implants increased because of the six.step three per cent, whereas only Sikh Dating USA 1.step 1 per cent increment try recorded to have IUD inside the 2016. Certainly one of small-name tips, the new show out-of injection birth control approach ended up being a lot more increased because of the over 25 per cent from the seasons 2000 to 2016. The application of condoms got rather from just one.eight to 0.1% (Fig. 3).

Functions out of sexually productive teenage ladies regarding EDHS 2016

A maximum of 504 sexually effective teenage girls have been noticed for this study. The latest suggest age the new respondents is actually decades (SD ± step one.124). The new mean age to start with cohabitation and basic intercourse were decades (SD ± 1.734) and you can age (SD ± 1.751) decades respectively. Almost 50 % of (225, 47.3%) regarding teenage ladies cohabited at the many years fifteen years or less.

Three-fifth (60.6%) of your intimately effective teenage women got hit primary training and you will 440 (87.3%) was indeed outlying owners. Since the bulk (458, 91.0%) out of studies subjects have been hitched, and you can 125 (twenty-four.8%) of those have been regarding lowest socioeconomic category. Slightly more a few one or two-fifth (41.9%) and 199 (39.5%) of your own females were Muslims and you may Oromo of the its religion and you can ethnicity correspondingly. Over around three-next (79.7%) out of respondents just weren’t functioning during the time of the new survey (Desk step one).

Sense and you will knowledge about fertility and you will contraception procedures

One of intimately active teenage people, the majority of (98%) of them got knowledge about contraception methods. Simply 18.step 1, 13.cuatro, and cuatro.2 percent away from females stated that they’d heard about FP texts with the radio, watched on television, and read it during the newsprint/journal respectively over the past several months until the survey. Over three-last (79.9%) off female reported that job experts did not head to her or him when you look at the the final one year until the questionnaire. Of those individuals decided to go to from the fieldworkers, merely 9.9% of fieldworkers talked about FP. At exactly the same time, 77 (15.3%) away from women was told on the FP in their health studio visit within the last 1 year (Table 2).

Things associated with the birth prevention use among intimately active adolescents

For the binary logistic regression, 11 variables got a serious experience of adolescent girls’ birth-control fool around with. They’re respondent’s and you may partner’s instructional and work-related condition, current functioning standing, wealth standing, went along to by an industry personnel during the last 1 year, advised regarding FP on a medical facility, host to household, been aware of FP texts with the radio, and you may watched on tv in the last several months were sensed to possess multivariate research.

Chances of contraception explore was indeed nearly 96% (AOR 0.044; 95% CI 0.008–0.231) and you will ninety% (AOR 0.101; 95%CI 0.024–0.414) unlikely one of sexually active girls teenage that has no formal studies and number 1 education respectively compared to the people that got reached supplementary and higher knowledge. Adolescents for the a refreshing rich record reputation have been about three-moments prone to fool around with contraception measures than their alternatives (AOR step 3.662; 95% CI step 1.353–nine.913). Chances was indeed around three-moments among participants who had visited health business and advised about FP than the those not aware regarding FP during their check out (AOR 3.115; 95% CI 1.385–eight.007) (Table step 3).


This study revealed that over 9 out of ten teenagers was indeed married. Which demonstrated the practice of early ong adolescent females. Very early marriage usually is a result of the traditional and you will social friends opinions that validate power over ladies sexuality and you can virility [31,30,31]. Particularly techniques has an impression on the girls’ education and you can future job . It has in addition a poor impact toward financial development of countries along with resulting in a significant wellness exposure one another in order to a woman, and her baby . This was on account of a lengthy time that the people purchase when you look at the childbearing years that cause a boost in virility and you will people increases. The evidence and additionally showed that about marriage partnership, the latest frequency out of intercourse is higher than in those just who are not, and this throughout the absence of birth control there was an increased possibilities away from thickness of pregnancy .

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