You are aware you’re an effective Serb if you possibly could pay attention to your own parents talking, and you are clearly nearby

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You are aware you’re an effective Serb if you possibly could pay attention to your own parents talking, and you are clearly nearby

You are aware you’re an effective Serb if you possibly could pay attention to your own parents talking, and you are clearly nearby

In the event that first thing you are doing after you walk into a family unit members domestic, is cut-off your footwear, kiss its mommy, and you will shake their father’s hand If for example the friends’ parents communicate with you love they’re Your parents as well

Another step closes when you hear the music : “Boze Pravde”, “Kad sam bio mali”, otherwise “Marsirala” If you’re a female, therefore color your own hair not any other the colour than just burgundy. If for example the mum cuts your hair with a beneficial “serpa” Whether your mum calls your “stoka” Whenever you usually smelling garlic on your moms and dads inhale and you will it believe they kills all micro-organisms. You are aware you’re an excellent Serb whenever you go to the latest yearly picnic towards next out of July and it’s a big vehicle show where the fellow Serbs show-off the automobiles. Your mother and father nonetheless choose to buy cassettes unlike Cds.

If your Baba made you drink heated water after you got a cooler, since the cold water would make you then become sicker If for example the mother tells you not to ever drink cold-water after you have exercisedyou understand Whenever long lasting decades you are or how much cash wiser than simply your mother and father you’re, they are going to never pay attention to everything you state ‘cause you happen to be nevertheless its absolutely nothing ” beba ” If for example the baba informs you that your particular deda is advisable however, you should never inquire your some thing. Should your parents discover everything you performed in the baseball contest one which just get back home If the baba grapevine travels smaller than just the brand new federal disaster aware program. An excellent Serbian baby can be as larger as most Western wedding parties! In the event your family relations can’t understand why their summer trips consists of playing golf in an urban area named Farrell or Aliquippa.

You are aware you may be a good Serb if your locals never view you while in the Memorial Go out Sunday since the you will be vacationing with ‘that choir’. You haven’t seen baba’s tresses since the deda passed away. If your mother yells within your for taking a shower each and each day together sarcasm “Do you plow the fresh new sphere today? When you find yourself 6’5” 250# plus moms and dads envision you’re also slim. You are sure that at the very least 20 Product and you will Perish Manufacturers or Machinists or if you is actually you to yourself. Your own Father informs you “kad sam ja biography u tvoje godine. Bozic and you can Uskrs Once you state you’re eager, following go get pack from tobacco If the baba chases your down the street together cipela. When your baba rather stroll five kilometers on supermarket unlike bringing a trip.

You have a trial regarding rakija with a great crna kafa and you will a pack regarding Malboro’s getting breakfast

When you yourself have a poultry running around on the outdoor space. Whether your tata is actually speaking with both you and other keyword the guy calls you was budala. In the event your mother will provide you with vodka if your teething. If the tata whips you before their family unit members started more to have your birthday celebration. Once you hang your clothes on lawn towards the a clothes line even although you has a dryer. When you find yourself an effective dining from the dining room table together with your household members and you also get into troubles for talking. In case the mothers just want to receive the Serbian family unit members inside the your house If for example the parents simply enable you to go to your Serbian friends’ house.

Your mother and father always complain about how the new “matematika” you are carrying out at school is simply too easy for infants how old you are. Once you plead a friend going back to Yugo discover you specific kajmak When you plead a friend time for Yugo to help you get particular Serbian smoking cigarettes Once you shag brand new desk and you can crack servings when you are singing if you find yourself drunk. In the event the father threatens you which have a papuca If the dad says “samo ako te zgrabim ja” Taking a cooler glass from h2o will bring you sick When beans is supported and your father informs you that you should call it “gospodin pasulj You understand you’re Serb if your date / partner says to your “slash bre” When you step on poop plus mother tells you you to it’s an indication of chance or currency You know you may be good Serb when this record what hookup app black girls use in atlanta ga is growing and it’s providing difficult to revise it!

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